Portek Cropgard Wind Driven Bird Scarer


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Portek Cropgard Wind Driven Bird Scarer

Portek Cropgard Wind Driven Bird Scarer


Unrivalled quality and design makes this unit the most robust and reliable rigid spinning bird scarer on the market today. Built to withstand the UK’s harsh climate CROPGARD will last for many maintenance free years.


  • Use bright colours
  • Reflective flashes frightens the birds
  • Random movement to distract
  • Move the scarers around your fields often to maximise the effect
  • Keep them guessing - use different methods frequently.

Disorientate the birds with reflective flashing movement as the CROPGARD spins.

High grade, robust and brightly coloured polypropylene blades.

Superb quality heavy-duty plated steel construction. Unit weighs 5.3kg.

Strong, high density ABS plastic hubs with precision rustproof ball bearings ensuring movement in the lightest breeze. 

Designed as firm strong tread-ins for maximum stability. No heavy hammers to carry to the field.